Custom ECU Tuning

Custom ECU Tuning

Aug 19, 2012

While stage tunes and power packages can get you large gains in the performance of your vehicle, custom ECU tuning takes this to the next step.

We have been been tuning a variety of vehicles on and off the track for over 7 years spanning all types of cars from muscle and european to Japanese imports. We tune cars for both road use and track use, carefully balancing and tweaking the numerous properties of the vehicle and matching this to your driving style. This allows our tunes to achieve what can never be achieved with an off the shelf map.

Custom ECU tuning and re-mapping requires:

  • A deep knowledge of the mechanical properties of the vehicle.
  • A thorough understanding of the physical limits of the motor.
  • A familiarity with the driver’s driving style.

Customizing a tune to your vehicle allows you to get the best possible response, power and fuel efficiency for your driving style.

Why is a Cosmic ECU tune different?

As with every other product and service we provide, we have tried, tested and refined our tuning skills and knowledge on the track. We’ve been using proven track results to measure the effectiveness of a tune, constantly refining our tunes over the past several years. Our tunes have been run on our cars and have been proven successful in various disciplines including:

  • Time Attack
  • Rally
  • Drift

Every motor is slightly different in the way it performs and wears over the years and this needs to be understood to get the most out of your tune. Our extensive experience over the years allows us to feel the limits of your car’s motor and tune for safety and reliability while pushing the motor to it’s full potential. We strive to ensure your motor will last as long as it would normally last on it’s stock tune.

While some will tune two or three of the ECU maps, we will normally modify over 5 maps at any given time to deliver the results we pride ourselves on.

The extra time spent customizing the way your car behaves ultimately translates into quicker lap times, increased fuel efficiency and an overall more enjoyable experience behind the wheel.

What can Cosmic tune?

At cosmic performance we can tune virtually any car to perform to a specified requirement. This includes re-flashing of stock ECUs on select Subaru or Mitsubishi models, remapping european ECUs or installation and tuning of aftermarket ECUs. We currently tune cars and ECUs from the following Manufacturers:


Aftermarket ECU

Subaru Haltech
Mitsubishi Motec
Mazda PowerFC
Ferrari Autronic
Nissan Link ECU
Porsche Microtech
Holden/Vauxhaul Opel/GM VCM Suite
Mercedes Benz

Custom tunes start from $600, prices will vary depending on what you are trying to achieve from your tune. Contact us for a consultation and a price to fully customize the ECU map for your car and unlock the benefits and full potential of your car!

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